SF Carnaval stories, social media head ons, controversy and is Kanye still Kanye?

 SF Carnaval stories

today’s social media poking on others hard compared to how Hip Hop artists used to battle and also discussion about how we’ve lost Hip Hop gods through some bullshit this vs. that

What about 50 Cent who like to get at people to create controversy

Takashi and his relevance or lack there of

Kanye – does anyone know what’s up?

Joe Budden not coming out of retirement and his knowledge of everything

Everyone has a platform and nobody is safe – part 3 of 4


New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

Cigars, Mary jane and some Hip Hop beef

Cigar: Ave Maria (bought at Cigar International)

Mary Jane experiments – Big Chris has been into weed lately so he explain his experiment.

Cannabis business / Chris’ friend in the biz – check him out at: @highsmen_

social media what can happen when you think you bad – watch out!

Das and Suge Knight beef and business models in Hip Hop and respect

and other stories – Part 2 of 4

New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

Money, Relationships, Relevance in Hip Hop – Cigars and Hip Hop Podcast

On this episode, we continue the discussion on top artists in the industry
Latest Jay-Z / Beyonce Therapy album
Long lasting relationship goals in Hip Hop
J Prince / Memoir
The artist who burns through money
The Mill Ticket advice
Nasir / Nas opinion compared to other albums he’s released
Kanye West as a producer

New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop