Cigars, weed, Hawaii, cost of living

In this episode, we catch up and talk some cigars (Sweet Jane), and some talk on weed. CRB catches us up on his Hawaii trip. This is 1 of 4 episodes so enjoy!

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New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

Money, Relationships, Relevance in Hip Hop – Cigars and Hip Hop Podcast

On this episode, we continue the discussion on top artists in the industry
Latest Jay-Z / Beyonce Therapy album
Long lasting relationship goals in Hip Hop
J Prince / Memoir
The artist who burns through money
The Mill Ticket advice
Nasir / Nas opinion compared to other albums he’s released
Kanye West as a producer

New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

American Politics in 2018, MCs that could have delivered more, cigars we’re smoking

American politics in 2018, a discussion on immigration as all the people of America and bad politics.

MCs that came into the game and left the game but could have made it had they gotten better production and or management.

Cigar’s we’re currently smoking including Leaf by Oscar, Verocu Tatuaje. 

New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

Craig Mack – Flava in Ya Ear

Dru Down – Pimp of the Year

Souls of Mischief – 93 ‘Till Infinity

House of Pain – Jump Around

Cigar palete, Nas, Tupac, and a bit on politics on the level

On this episode of Cigars and Hip Hop Big Chris discusses cigar strengths, cleansing your palete and other cigar insight. We also have a dicussion about Nas and recent reviews of his album, some aledged issues and views on bringing about these pubicly or not. By comparison, we shed light on Tupac compared to Nas when it comes to bring their issues to the rap game. The last topic brings us to discuss current issues affecting our society.

New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

Pusha T and Drake Beef in our opinion, and the cigar band, leave it? Take it off?

In this part 2 episode, we give you our own opinion of the Pusha T and Drake beef and then some. I know you’ve heard and read about it but we get into some deeper issues. We also, of course, talk about cigars to discuss that burning question about the cigar band, do you leave it? or take it off?

Enjoy the show!

New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

Great Hip Hop groups of the Golden Age, today’s groups and what cigars we’re smoking

What’s up Cigars and Hip Hop Fam! On this 1 episode of 4 parts we discuss the great groups of the Golden Age including, Leaders of the new school, Wu-tang, NWA, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Bone thugs and Harmony compared to groups today.

We also get into Hip Hop as a genre where story were told compared to today’s rap which when combined with Social media and braggadocio personas, it just comes down to your material wealth.

What are we smoking? Take a listen

New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

The Ladies of Hip Hop continued, Hip Hop today and the craft that once was, cigars and moonrocks

This part 3 continuing the discussion of the top ladies of Hip Hop. We discuss the top 5 and some who follow down the list. The complexities of these ladies and what they brought to the game.

We also get into Hip Hop today, a subject that never gets old to us but also the fact that the craft is somehow missing its original fire. But we also talk about those still trying to keep that true feel of a Hip Hop that once was and which will lives in many of our music lists.

Of course, we have some cigar talk for you and we also add some discussion about moonrocks and what the hell they can do to you. But that’s not all so check out and listen up!