Hip Hop, Takashi, Ray Jay and Kay, Taco Bell or Real Mex Food?

When Hip Hop meets business, you must adapt, you must adapt to your environment. Who are your friends? Will they be there when shit goes bad? How Takashi fucked himself.

Ray Jay Kim Kardasian and moving on to some super weed and is anyone hungry for some Taco Bell or real Mexican food? What’s up with that DNA testing shit? Anyone out there want us to give Narcos some focus on the podcast?

New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

Soulja Boy, Weed and men behaving badly?

On this early 2019 episode of Cigars and Hip Hop, we get into some Souja Boy and his ranting he recently did on the Breakfast Club. Should rappers today thank him for who they are cause he created them or their style?

Weed, yeah, some of us is smoking some.

Hip Hop where is hip hop today and how will it survive?

Takashi what’s up with that kid? What’s up with R Kelly

Mike Tyson and Tupac also went through similar issues but is it a case of success, bad persons behaving horribly bad or what’s going on there?

New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop

SF Carnaval stories, social media head ons, controversy and is Kanye still Kanye?

 SF Carnaval stories

today’s social media poking on others hard compared to how Hip Hop artists used to battle and also discussion about how we’ve lost Hip Hop gods through some bullshit this vs. that

What about 50 Cent who like to get at people to create controversy

Takashi and his relevance or lack there of

Kanye – does anyone know what’s up?

Joe Budden not coming out of retirement and his knowledge of everything

Everyone has a platform and nobody is safe – part 3 of 4


New Episode of Cigars & Hip Hop